Canna Honey

$15.00 USD – $55.00 USD

Option: Canna Honey

Canna Honey
Raw Wildflower Honey
$55.00 USD

We are excited to offer bring back our Full Spectrum Canna Honey and Raw Honey.

Our Canna Honey is made with raw unfiltered wildflower honey and heated minimally during the infusion process to preserve the nutritional value, antioxidants, and enzymes that is naturally found in raw honey. We infuse the two using the lowest temp possible (95F) to limit destroying any of the good stuff that is found in raw honey. We want to preserve it as much as possible.

Each 6 oz jar of Canna Honey contains:

-500mg Of Full Spectrum CBD extract (13.88mg CBD/Tspn)

-Raw wildflower honey

-Few drops of organic MCT oil to improve absorption rate and infusion.

Looking to order raw wildflower honey without CBD? We have that option available as well!

Honey has amazing health benefits and when paired with CBD, we can take the immune boosting benefits to the next level.

Note that the black spots that can be seen in the honey is called propolis, which is small specs of pollen and beeswax. This is a great thing to see in raw honey, so don’t be alarmed. After all, it is raw honey.


Full panel COA is available upon request. Send an email over to our team at

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Canna Honey, Raw Wildflower Honey