Shipping Policy

Please see below for our shipping policy


Shipping Flower

  • All flower is shipped from Bee's Canna Farm directly to the customer.
  • Our CBD may contain up to .3% THC. 
  • If your state doesn't allow shipment of hemp don't order
  • By purchasing you are releasing Bee's Canna Farm from any litigation.

Shipping Flower cont.

  • Shipping Flower may take up to 2 Days
  • Average delivery time is 5 to 7 days.
  • Tracking numbers will be provided when the shipment label is created. 
  • Free Shipping on all orders over $75.

Bee Stuff & Accessories

Products in the Bee Stuff and Accessories may be sent by our 3rd party partners.  Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.  We will not take refunds due to shipping times.  If a product is broken we ask that you contact us to return it.  We will provide a replacement.


We Ship Only to the United States

Due to current laws we only ship to the United States where hemp and CBD products are legal.


We do our best to provide quality Hemp and CBD products.  If you are unhappy with the product please return the remainder of the product to us and we will replace it.  The remainder must be equal or higher than 85% of what was ordered.  Since we are a craft farm your particular strain may be out of stock.  If that is the case we will replace with something as similar as we can at no cost to you.

3rd Party Products

We will do our best to make sure our 3rd party products stand up to a high quality.  We will work with you if you are not satisfied.  Understand, that we may ask questions to verify any problems and will use this information to increase our quality!