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A Word From Our Bee's:

"I've tried both 500mg and 2500mg now and absolutely love and have benefitted from both. I'm a type one diabetic and sleep is a huge struggle for me, but ever since incorporating this CBD into my nighttime routine I have actually been able to sleep and I've noticed it helps stabilize my blood sugars throughout the night, win win! I've also started taking it in the mornings and noticed a significant difference in my mood, energy level and some brain fog issues I've had for a while. Thank you for making such a great product and for being so informative!"

Samantha M.

A Word From Our Bee's:

"I’ve been using beescanna cbd and thc gummies for months now and I honestly cannot live without them. They’re part of my daily staples that contribute to my overall well-being. I’m so happy with these products that I also decided to add the lavender balm which I use as a facial moisturizer and to quell any minor skin irritation. The peppermint oil is another wonderful item I added to my bundle that I take daily. I highly recommend these products and I love I get daily emails on some good to know information about the benefits of cbd. Today i was alarmed when I thought I ran out of thc gummies and when I looked in my pantry and found an unopened brand new one. I’m glad I signed up for the subscription and I know I’ll never run out!:)"

Marie F.

A Word From Our Bee's:

"Nice relief from pain and great at bed time stops knee pain making it easy to sleep. Gummies taste great and dissolve without problems making it absorb under the tongue relieving pain quickly. I have been using CBD for over a year, this combination is a step up! I don't use it daily but when I need the relief it works!"

Kieth P.

A Word From Our Bee's:

"We picked up some of the salve for my son who suffers from these very inflamed skin flare ups. I honestly don’t think his neck has ever been so clear after only using it 2 days on his very inflamed neck. He’s not been digging at it and the only trace of the rash right now on day 3 is the healing scabs from where he scratched it open. We see zero redness or any inflammation at all! We are actually blown away!! We have used lots of prescriptions and over the counter stuff but have never seen this kind of relief for him! Highly highly recommend!"


A Word From Our Bee's:

"Unbelievably !!! Like AMAZINGLYHelped my Elder Father recover from a bad case of shingles on his forehead /& on eyelid..
The products are so superior to any I have used !
If I hadn’t seen this with my eyes ! I wouldn’t have believed this!
His skin recovered , like a friend said “ You look like you have had a face lift ! “
Thank you so much Brandon"

Sherry G.

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