World Health Organization on CBD

World Health Organization on CBD

What did the World Health Organization (WHO) have to say about the health benefits from CBD?

The WHO started the study by saying that CBD has great safety profile, is generally well tolerated by people, and there is no evidence of health issues that arise from CBD use (WHO, 2017).

The study went on to state how CBD affects tumor cell lines, which may stop the progression of tumor cell growth, but the CBD did not affect healthy cell lines (WHO, 2017). CBD was shown to reduce the tumor necrosis factor, displaying anti-tumor properties (WHO, 2017).

The WHO (2017) also went on to list other therapeutic uses of CBD that have shown to be a promising treatment, which included:

Alzheimer’s disease

Parkinson’s Disease

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Huntington’s Disease

Hypoxia Ischemic injury (seen in heart attacks, strokes, post traumatic brain injury’s)

Pain Management






Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBS)

Inflammatory Diseases

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

Staph Infection

Cardiovascular Diseases

Diabetic Complications

Sainz-Cort, Müller-Sánchez, Espel, (2020) stated that cannabidiol (CBD) was shown to inhibit HT-29 cancer cell lines, displaying the anticancer properties that are targeted in colorectal carcinoma cells (Sainz-Cort, Muller-Sanchez, 2020). This means that the CBD has anti-cancer properties that are specifically targeted at colorectal carcinoma cells.

The more we discover how beneficial and non-toxic this plant is, the more we should demand a healthier, safer form of alternative medicine. If the published medical journals state the benefits, how come all sick people do not already have access to this wonderful form of plant medicine? People's health should be a #1 priority.


Sainz-Cort, A., Müller-Sánchez, C., & Espel, E. (2020, August 20). Anti-proliferative and cytotoxic effect of cannabidiol on human cancer cell lines in presence of serum. BMC Research Notes.

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