What does cannabis have to do with nuts?

What does cannabis have to do with nuts?
Well, that’s one interesting topic I’d say! Did you know we can eat certain foods that can affect our experience with cannabis in a positive way like increasing the duration and extending the high? Much like the terpene myrcene and cannabinoids, healthy fats like Omega-3's also interact with cannabinoids in a similar fashion. Nuts like walnuts are a great, healthy source of Omega 3’s. That fat molecule acts as a carrier molecule for the cannabinoid compounds. The healthy choice of fat is the real winner here. The fats help with the absorption of CBD in this case. The cannabinoids themselves are fat soluble, which is why most cannabis oils are made with some type of fat. The fat can act as a carrier to deliver the cannabinoid compounds to their destination and across the blood brain barrier to the receptors more quickly. You can picture it as a hiker that hitches a car ride to get to their destination a little more quickly, and because they got there quicker, they get to party there a little longer.

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