Anti-cancer properties of CBD

Anti-cancer properties of CBD

US Patent # US20130059018A1 and the Anti-cancer Properties of CBD

Did you know there was a patent filed in 2011 (started in 2010) that discusses the anti-cancer properties of CBD? Most cancer patients don’t know either! Although you can't patent a plant, they patented the medicinal value of what these cannabinoids have to offer. Throughout my last 6 years of studying health and the last 4 studying Alternative Medicine I can across what health and disease really were. My area of focus has been cancer. Mainly because everyone in my family has died of cancer and watching what cancer can do to their body, with no relief of any effective medicine to improve their conditions, has set me on a journey of discovering some help.

In this journey of extensive medical research, I have come across cannabinoids like CBD and THC and what they offer human health. After reading through thousands of pages of medical journals I started to uncover some paperwork that has been pretty much hidden from the general public, and it is truly heartbreaking to me.

I came across multiple studies that discuss the anti-cancer, anti-tumor, and anti-proliferative effects that CBD and THC has on cancer (2). 

I also then stumbled across a US patent # US20130059018A1 which also discussed the anti-tumor, anti-cancer, and anti-proliferative effects that CBD has on different types of cancer, which they included as prostate, breast, skin, glioma, colon, lung, bone, and lymphatic cancers (1).

The study discussed how CBD was shown to be effective in stopping the progression of cancer, halting them from dividing and growing (metastasis), and also shrinking tumors (1).

This patent discussed that out of the various cannabinoids including THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA, CBG, and CBC, the patent concluded that CBD had the best anti-cancer properties among the cannabinoids listed (1). 

The patent also stated the specific cancers for which CBD was shown to halt the progression and spread of cancer, but also cause programmed cell death to the cancer cells (apoptosis) (1).

The US patent also stated that these cannabinoids were effective when combining these cannabinoids with conventional treatment, which was also shown to cause cancer cell death, but also improve the negative side effects that come along with cancer. CBD was shown to improve quality of life, decrease pain, improve sense of wellbeing, alleviate nausea and vomiting that is associated with chemotherapy, in addition to causing cancer cell death.

They aren’t telling you this, but they officially filed for this patent in 2011 when it was published. 

It is time we share this information so we can help other people not only survive but THRIVE when faced with cancer and come out on top! When facing cancer, patients need all they can have on their side, especially if medical researchers are publishing these anti-cancer properties that cannabis extract has. If it is worth publishing in medical journals around the world, it is worth sharing with sick patients fighting cancer.

 Bee Happy, 

Brandon Farless






  1. Seltzer, E. S., Watters, A. K., MacKenzie, D., Jr, Granat, L. M., & Zhang, D. (2020). Cannabidiol (CBD) as a Promising Anti-Cancer Drug. Cancers, 12(11), 3203.



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