Liver Support and Detox

Liver Support and Detox

Our Liver Detox is Back in Stock!

Liver detoxification is important for anyone dealing with overweight, cholesterol issues, blood sugar issues, malabsorption (not absorbing nutrients properly), complications with bowel movements, hormone regulation & degradation (too much estrogen, which is common among women), toxin overload, + so much more.  

The liver is one of our most important organs and regulates over 500 different functions. The role of the liver is so important it is the only organ that can regrow, as long as 25% of the liver is still functioning. Which puts a huge emphasis on how important this organ is.  

Here is the thing, we know that antioxidants in our diet is important because they help combat cellular oxidation, which keeps our cells working the way they should. Oxidation can cause our cells to become cancerous as well as speed up the rate at which they age. I mean, who wants to age faster? This is why a diet full of antioxidants (fruits & veggies) keeps us healthy, but antioxidants work from OUTSIDE the cell. The most important antioxidant, glutathione, is the only antioxidant that works from INSIDE the cell. 

This is one reason why we put milk thistle in our liver blend. Milk thistle boosts glutathione levels, making its role in detoxification vital. Milk thistle also helps by removing toxins, rebuilding damaged liver cells, reducing liver damage, promoting liver and gallbladder health. Milk thistle is considered a bitter, which helps to stimulate digestive enzymes and bile flow from the liver. Milk thistle was also shown to remove pesticides and heavy metals.

Due to the amount of toxins that we are exposed to daily in our food, air, water, cosmetics, cleaning products, laundry soap, etc., we need to detox!  

Even if your main goal is to lose weight, you need to include a liver detox and here is why. We commonly think that toxins are stored in our liver, which is partly true, but toxins accumulate and store in our fat. When we are losing weight and burning fat, we are also releasing toxins which can be very toxic to our healthy cells. We need to flush! Our liver detox will not only help you process and detox fats but making sure to boost antioxidant and glutathione levels to reduce, neutralize, and eliminate toxins so they cause the least amount of damage on their way out. 

Things like sugar and high fructose corn syrup (which they put these in EVERYTHING we consume) damage our liver cells, interfering with the ability to function. I always explain it like this, pistons in an engine are supposed to pump at 2000 rpms, but when our liver cells are constantly exposed to and damaged by things like sugar and high fructose corn syrup, our “pistons” start to pump at 500 rpms,. This is bad because our liver filters all things we consume, including fats. If our liver can’t process fats at the rate it needs to, guess what happens? They accumulate and cause our liver to become lethargic and slow. This can cause fats to accumulate inside your arteries or around your waist, which causes a huge problem when discussing our metabolic health. Fats are absolutely vital for human health, but when we can’t process all that we are taking, it becomes a hazard to our health. 

I took a variety of Native American, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ayurvedic herbs and formulated the most powerful Liver Detox supplement out there using organic herbs.

Let’s balance hormones, remove toxins, process fats, and improve digestion. Cheers to these amazing herbs and all that they have to offer. 

Click HERE to read more about the other herbs in our  Liver Support and Detox blend to see what all these herbs have to offer. 🤗

Bee Well,

Brandon Farless

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