Hello, let us re-introduce ourselves

Hello, let us re-introduce ourselves

Hello everyone, I wanted to take a few moments to reintroduce ourselves & what our goals are here at Bee’s Canna Farm. We are a small craft hemp farm that is family owned & operated. We focus on producing high quality CBD flower & CBD products that are grown with love by using only the best farming practices. There are 3 of us that keep the gears turning daily. Mary has helped us get the whole operation started & is the daily planner behind the operation. Drayton is the tech guy behind the scenes working on photography, drone shots, & keeps the website up & running smoothly. I (Brandon) am the gardener responsible for keeping things growing in the field or playing in the dirt as I would call it. I was a Firefighter/Paramedic for 6 years when I decided to start studying alternative medicine. I studied the potential benefits that cannabinoids have offered to humans, dogs, cats, & other mammals alike since they all have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). The benefits cannabinoids like CBD have to offer is unlike anything else that can be bought on the shelf. So, I thought, why not start a company where I can offer other people CBD products to help improve their own lives? In my journey I have studied how detrimental synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and ingredients are to our health when ingested. Since organic gardening was already my passion, I decided to make it my goal to grow hemp so that others can benefit from using only organic farming practices & organic inputs. This allows our friends and family to get the highest quality, top shelf products that nature has to offer without the worry of any harmful ingredients or high costs. Our goal is to use living soil in containers and improve the soil in the ground we garden year after year by continuously adding organic matter that improves the quality of the soil, eliminating tillage, leaving it better than how we found it. This is something the whole environment can benefit from the soil microbes to the plants & animals. Sustainability is our goal and is the future of farming. Our family loves our products, & we hope you do too. Feel free to reach out with any questions & we hope to see you around.

Brandon Farless

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