CBD Kills Bladder Cancer Cells

CBD Kills Bladder Cancer Cells

CBD Kills Bladder Cancer (BC) Cells

 I don’t know about you, but topics like these light a fire inside of me because of my passion for wanting to improve our healthcare system that we know of today, especially when facing cancer. I was originally introduced to this plant when taking my grandpa (Will Underhill) to one of his cancer treatment appointments when his oncologist pulled me to the side and asked if I could get my grandpa some cannabis, which took me by surprise.

This all took place in 2015 and medical cannabis was not legal in Florida until 2016, which meant that this doctor (keeping the name private for obvious reasons) put his medical license on the line by recommending cannabis. He desperately wanted to help someone so bad (amazing Dr.), and he knew a plant that could offer just that.  

After seeing what this plant did for my grandpa when it came to improving how he felt and how it stimulated his appetite enough to make him eat a plate and a half of food after not eating in three days, I knew this plant was special. I took all this in and digested it, then I thought that if an oncologist (someone who specializes in cancer treatment) was recommending cannabis for his patients before he was “legally” allowed, I knew there was something special to know about this plant.

Then the research began! Fast forward almost a decade, I have started my own company where my true passion is diving deep into the medical literature and sharing about the potential of this plant. I read studies that are published in open medical journals around the world and then bring that info back to you. I do this because what I read is quite shocking when discussing the potential of cannabinoid medicine (using cannabinoids like CBD and THC for their medicinal value). This information is shocking to me because many of these conditions I read about are something that conventional medicine can't eradicate, including cancer. Check this out!

According to Pharmaceutics, a peer reviewed open access journal, CBD (bioactive phytocannabinoid) was shown to have “potent” anti-tumor and anticancer activity in multiple types of cancers, including bladder cancer (BC) (1). This sparks the interest of medical researchers because BC is the 10th leading cause of cancer related deaths around the world, with 55,000 new cases in 2020 alone (1). What is important to note is that approx. 70% of BC cases (non-muscle-invasive bladder cancers) are resistant to chemotherapy drugs, which means we need to find a more effective treatment to reduce the number of deaths related to this disease. Pharmaceutics noted that because of the high rate of chemoresistance with bladder cancer (NMIBC), there is an “urgent” need to find another drug that is more effective to treat bladder cancer, which is where cannabinoids like CBD got the spotlight (1). 

Several studies showed that CBD was able to promote bladder cancer cell death, increasing apoptosis (cell death) by 49.91% (1). CBD was able to control bladder cancer cell growth, migration, and induce cell death (apoptosis) by inactivating the PI3K/Akt pathway. The PI3K/Ak is an intracellular signal transduction pathway that promotes metabolism, proliferation, cell survival, growth, and angiogenesis in response to extracellular signals, thus by "shutting off" this pathway, CBD can cause cell death for these bad cells (1). The Endocannabinoid System is amazing when we look all that it regulates, including cellular metabolism, growth, and most importantly, cancer cell death!

This information should be screamed from the mountain tops, but it’s not. This is why I share this type of information, even if I can help one person. I want to show that one person that may be in that 70% group that chemotherapy isn’t helping about cannabinoid therapy. We need to help each other and share information when possible. Unless you have read Rick Simpsons books or read through published medical journals, you probably don’t know about cannabis concentrate and its anticancer properties. It most certainly is not shared enough, but eventually it will be well known if we keep sharing about the potential of this amazing plant. Thanks for reading!

Bee Happy,

Brandon Farless


*This information is for educational purposes only. No medical claims or advice is being given. We are just sharing information regarding these studies. This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA (Thankfully 🤭). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.




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