CBD, Dosing, & Pain

CBD, Dosing, & Pain

The biggest thing about CBD, and I can’t stress this
enough, is to find what dose works for you.

Here’s the thing, we are all unique and how we process these cannabinoids is a unique process. In fact, one study stated that humans from different racial backgrounds have a different order of 3 different alleles, which makes each person unique when they are metabolizing things like CBD (Burroughs, Maxey, Levy, 2002).  What works for me at 10mg may not work for you until 20mg or vice versa. So, I encourage everyone to play around with the strengths you are consuming until you get the results/relief you are looking for.

In the past couple of years there has been an increasing amount of evidence showing that many people are turning to CBD to
help better address any chronic pain they are having, since CBD was shown tohelp offer those with chronic pain a possible solution that was a little more health promoting than the alternative (Schilling, et al., 2021).

According to Journal of Pain Research, a peer reviewed
journal, they stated that CBD was shown to help those dealing with pain to reduce their dependency on pain medications altogether (Schilling et al., 2021).

Now talk about a great solution- I mean problem to

Kidding, but wow that is huge!

Especially since pain affects more than 50 million
people here in the U.S. (CDC, 2019).

The best part is the safety profile of CBD (Gormally, 2018). Don't be afraid to play around with the dose and find what works best for you whether you are looking for the reduced anxiety, improve mood, improve sleep patterns, or address any pain.

Cheers to CBD!

Bee Happy,

Brandon Farless


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