CBD, cardiovascular disease, and strokes?

CBD, cardiovascular disease, and strokes?

What does the nation’s leading medical research agency say about CBD and its impact on cardiovascular disease and strokes?

According to the National Institute of Health, CBD has a positive impact on cardiovascular health and describes CBD is beneficial for a wide range of uses including “…diabetes, Huntington’s disease, cancer, and colitis” (Stanley, Hind, O’Sullivan, 2013).

CBD was shown to be a vasorelaxant, being that it helps relax the inner lining of our vessels to reduce arterial pressure (Stanley, Hind, O’Sullivan, 2013).

In animal models, CBD was shown to be a great antioxidant by protecting the vascular system from damage that is caused by high blood sugar seen in diabetics (Stanley, Hind, O’Sullivan, 2013)

CBD was also shown to protect the cardiovascular system against oxidative damage because of the anti-inflammatory properties (Stanley, Hind, O’Sullivan, 2013).

CBD has a positive impact on strokes as well. The study concluded that CBD was shown to reduce the size of the infarct (area of dead tissue), and increase blood flow (Stanley, Hind, O’Sullivan, 2013).

The study went on to state that “CBD is suggested to have therapeutic potential in a vast range of disorders including inflammation, oxidative stress, cancer, diabetes, gastrointestinal disturbances, neurodegenerative disorders and nociception” (Stanley, Hind, O’Sullivan, 2013).

*This information is for educational purposes only and simply sharing if the information pertained to this study. No medical advice or claims are being made.

As we study and learn more about this amazing plant, we will discover its true potential.


Stanley, C. P., Hind, W. H., & O'Sullivan, S. E. (2013). Is the cardiovascular system a therapeutic target for cannabidiol?. British journal of clinical pharmacology, 75(2), 313–322. https://doi.org/10.1111/j.1365-2125.2012.04351.x

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