CBD anti-fungal & de-wormer (anti-parasite)

CBD anti-fungal & de-wormer (anti-parasite)
We had a close friend of ours that reached out to us to tell us an amazing story she had using our salve. She was battling a ringworm, which isn’t actually a worm, but a fungal infection on the skin that can be contagious via skin-to-skin contact. After using her ointment she had for a few days and didn’t notice any improvement, she decided to try the salve on it. After a few days, she noticed the ringworm disappeared, but how?
Cannabis has been used for centuries for treating different ailments, including skin conditions like fungal infections, psoriasis, eczema, dryness, itching, acne, inflammation, damage caused by free radicals (sun exposure), and even parasites (Innocan Pharma, n.d.).
CBD has powerful anti-fungal properties and can be useful for a variety of fungal infections including athlete’s feet and shown to eliminate the fungal infection and control any itching and inflammation as well (Innocan Pharma, n.d.).
Indian traditional medicine has used cannabis for centuries to address parasites and remove intestinal worms (Sensi seeds & Palmer, 2020). When cannabinoids like CBD are ingested internally these have anti-parasitic properties that help eliminate parasites by disrupting their survival methods and allow the body to excrete them in the feces (Sensi seeds & Palmer, 2020).
Whether you are battling a fungal infection, parasite, or trying to address any skin concerns, CBD has shown to be effective and holds a promising future in our healthcare and wellness routines.
This is just one of many uses of these wonderful plant compounds. This is real medicine!
Next time you’re taking your CBD internally, consider it that you’re also de-worming yourself 🤣🙌



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H enri A van der Merwe
November, 23. 2023

My wife ..while recouperating from a hip joint replacement …was inflicted with a hospital – acquired Klebsiella Pneumoneae infection…then while het immune sys. was down…in hospital..got a second infection…Covd ! To do peeks and trough s she was PIN-CUSSIONED.She has had enough TREATMENT. Iam aware of the seriosness of KLEBSIELLA P.. I am aware that treatment for K.P.
is very little and that drug resistance is very possible…and am now willing to make suggestion …giving her choices to consider that is or can reduce related pain and treatment .Via new/latest suppliments etc.She is 59 y o..She hopefully …by her choices…can considerably reduce the toxic – all related to the K.P…and preventinfectios/arthritis to. her new and old joints

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