CBD and Wellness?

CBD and Wellness?
CBD has exploded over the past few years, but many of us still do not understand what it does and how it may benefit mammals like humans, dogs, cats or even horses (just to name a few). You heard right, horses and you can even buy full spectrum horse pellets to give them! The fact is this plant has something to offer us and due to cannabis being a relatively new subject to study, there are currently limited studies and a limited understanding of this plant. What we do know so far is this plant is superior when it comes to wellness. Since day one of starting my BS in alternative medicine my main goal stayed constant, I wanted to offer people an affordable form of alternative medicine that they can use to boost their own lives, using only the best ingredients there is to use during the growing process. I believe it is especially important to know what we ingest whether it be our food or CBD products. Therefore, our products are 3rd party tested, so we can ensure purity, quality, and potency to let our friends and family know that we take this very seriously, because we love health!! This journey has led me to understand the importance of soil regeneration and to take all components of the environment into consideration. I also learned the hard way that when you grow using organic farming practices, you must work with nature not against it (I say that with laughter), otherwise, you will never win. As science is coming around, the potential of the hemp seems limitless. Thank you all for joining us on this journey and we are happy to have you as a part of our family 💚



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