CBD and Lung Cancer

CBD and Lung Cancer

CBD and Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death, and the treatment of lung cancer has a poor outcome for patients because of lung cancer’s resistance to conventional treatment. Because of this resistance, this has led medical researchers to search for other forms of treatment that may be more effective in treating lung cancer to increase patient survival.

The results are worth hitting the front-page news and I am still shocked how this information does find its way to the public, especially since mankind suffers from many types of cancer, and in this case lung cancer. We are here to help people beat cancer, right? Check this out.

According to Pharmaceuticals, a peer reviewed medical journal that focuses on medicine chemistry and drug science, cannabidiol (CBD) was shown to cause cell death (apoptosis) in human lung cancer cells and cancer stem cells (1). I am just going to stop right there and reiterate. CBD was shown to kill lung cancer and cancer stem cells. Wow.

The study stated that chemotherapy and radiation are often limited because of these cancer cells' increased ability to resist treatment, which is causing medical professionals and researchers to look for alternative treatment methods to improve patient survival and outcomes (1).

The study also went on to state that it is the cancer stem cells themselves that could explain why conventional treatment for lung cancer is un-successful because these groups of cells within tumors have the capability to self-renew, differentiate, and cause tumors to spread (1). This makes a target for learning how to cause cell death for these cancer stem cells, because without killing them, they are still able to proliferate (survive and thrive).

The study stated that CBD decreased self-renewal (their ability to replicate) for cancer stem cells and caused stem cell death (1).

Now here is where the problem is. This study was done last year and approx. 236,000 people get diagnosed with lung cancer yearly. Two hundred and thirty-six THOUSAND people get diagnosed yearly. I wonder how many people were told about CBD since this study was published last year.

Most of the anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties are discussed with high dose CBD (2).

This is exactly why I started to manufacture High Dose CBD Capsules, because humanity's survival is dependable on this type of information. We are suffering from a disease (lung cancer in this case) that has published medical records that CBD can cause lung cancer cell and stem cell death. Think of all the suffering and death this information could prevent. We are here to help people, right?

Humanity needs something safe and effective, and it's being published in medical journals across the world, and everyone seems to know that CBD causes lung cancer cell death, except those that have lung cancer. It’s our job to share this information. I think it is obvious at this point, but it is time that we take matters into our own hands. No one cares more about your health than you do.

Cheers to these safe, effective, anti-cancer, and antitumor plant compounds.


Brandon Farless

*This information is for educational purposes only and
simply sharing of the information from these published medical journals. No medical claims are being made.


1.     Hamad, H., & Olsen, B. B. (2021). Cannabidiol Induces Cell
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2.     Seltzer, E. S., Watters, A. K., MacKenzie, D., Jr, Granat, L.
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