CBD and Endometriosis

CBD and Endometriosis

CBD and Endometriosis

First off, what is endometriosis and how does it affect women?

Endometriosis is a condition that affects younger women and age-bearing women where the endometrial tissue is developing and growing where it is not supposed to, which is outside of the uterine cavity (1). The downside to endometriosis is that it is accompanied by chronic pelvic pain, as well as infertility, both of which can be so debilitating that it can affect one’s quality of life.

Current medical treatment involves hormone therapy and pain-relieving pharmaceuticals, but because the treatment is limited, and endometriosis is often recurring and some never find relief (1).

Over 70% of women that have endometriosis have chronic pelvic pain, which can be uncomfortable, and difficult to manage (1). Relying on pain pills (analgesics) is oftentimes rejected because most women don’t want to rely on a daily pill, and for good reasons. Daily use of NSAIDS for pain and inflammation relief can be toxic to the liver, as well as our overall health. The last thing we want to do is trade in our health to live a normal life.

Many medical researchers and professionals are now highlighting the use of cannabinoids like CBD and THC to address chronic  pain and inflammation that is associated with endometriosis, because the anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties of CBD and THC are so profound (2).

I think what is most intriguing is that we can use these natural plant compounds to address pain and inflammation all while having a positive impact on our health, which really matters in the long run. I can’t stress that enough that we need to use a holistic approach to health when necessary to reduce the negative impact that synthetic compounds have on our organs and organ systems. Everything we ingest has to be processed and filtered through our kidneys and liver and if we use over-the-counter pills to manage pain and inflammation daily, these organs are going to take a negative hit. We want to address pain and inflammation while having a positive impact on our wellbeing, not a negative one.

CBD and THC has such a wide range of things that it can address because of their pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, which was even shown to be beneficial for gastrointestinal issues (2).

Hemp has a long history with mankind. In fact, the first documented use of hemp was to address menstrual pain in women and that still holds true to this day! Why not use these awesome plant compounds to improve how we address chronic pain and inflammation. Regardless of the cause, these plant compounds are here to help! The most amazing medicinal herb there is and for good reasons, I mean check out the medical research.

Bee Well,

Brandon Farless

This information is for educational purposes and simply sharing of the information pertained to these particular studies. No medical claims are being made.



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