CBD Improving Those That Suffer From Drug Addiction

CBD Improving Those That Suffer From Drug Addiction

How exactly does CBD affect different types of addiction like drug and tobacco abuse?

According to the World Health Organization, CBD has no potential for abuse and has a “…good safety profile” (Grinspoon, 2020). In fact, CBD was shown to help be an intervention to help those who battle addiction.

The study stated that the endocannabinoid system was shown to influence addictive behaviors and through the activation of CB1 receptors, which are in the brain, we are able to help cope or remove that desire to indulge (Prud’homme, Cata, Jutras-Aswad, 2015). The CBD affects the neural circuit in people with addiction and CBD was shown to control the drug-seeking behavior and even offer help to those battling tobacco addiction (Prud’homme, Cata, Jutras-Aswad, 2015).

The stimulation of the CB1 receptors seemed to turn off the “need” for something else. The study then went on to state that CBD was a great option for those battling other drug addictions and went on to state CBD may have influence over “…opioid, cocaine, and psychostimulant addiction” (Prud’homme, Cata, Jutras-Aswad, 2015).

*This information is for educational purposes only and simply sharing of the information pertained to this particular study. No medical claims or advice is being given.

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