CBD and Bladder Cancer

CBD and Bladder Cancer

One of the reasons why I love cannabinoids such as CBD so much is because of their potential when discussing cancer. I know I often share about the anti-cancer properties, but I think it is something that needs more recognition because cancer is something that continues to affect many families daily and treatment is not always as effective as we want it to be. This means that we need to continue to explore other options, including making high dose CBD as a standard when discussing cancer treatment for all patients around the world. Research shows how CBD can reduce the side effects of chemo and radiation, as well as offering anti-cancer + anti-tumor properties that modulates or controls the growth, replication, and metastasis of cancer (1). High dose CBD is currently being explored to be used in conjunction with conventional cancer treatment because it improves the effectiveness of treatment and helps to eradicate cancer (1).

Because conventional treatment is limited and not always successful, we need to keep searching for other answers to improve how humanity faces this terrible chronic disease. Medical researchers are discovering the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids and all that they have to offer when discussing cancer and cancer treatment. It all starts with sharing the information that they are publishing in medical journals around the world, but somehow, once again, this information isn’t reaching those who need it most…

Studies show that CBD was shown to help cancer patients by improving their quality of life by addressing side effects that they deal with treatment, including but not limited to, controlling the rate of cancer itself, addressing chronic pain and inflammation, stress, anxiety, improve sleep patterns, all while offering powerful antioxidant properties that can improve cellular functioning and reduce the side effects of radiation (1).

I feel our goal as medical professionals is to do what is best for our patients and if we are publishing medical journals on the anti-cancer properties and it is showing to be effective, we need this information getting out ASAP. This is why it is important to share this information so people can jump on it and not wait around for “approval” in the medical system to include it into their treatment plan because change in the medical system takes years and sometimes decades. People are fighting daily!

I do think that cannabis and CBD will be included in standard cancer treatment one day because of how effective high dose CBD is, I just pray that day comes sooner than later. People need something safe, effective, something to improve their quality of life, all while helping to fight cancer. What a better thing to use than a non-toxic, natural plant compound. Most importantly, we don't need to wait around for them to tell us we "can"!

This brings me to the next topic, CBD and its impact on bladder cancer.

Bladder cancer is the tenth leading cause of cancer related death, which means that conventional treatment is not as effective as we would like it to be and people and families are still suffering. This means that we need to keep exploring alternative options that can reduce mortality associated with bladder cancer. Check this out!

CBD is currently being explored to include in cancer treatment for bladder cancer because CBD was shown to effectively promote cell death in bladder cancer, as well as improving the effectiveness of the chemotherapy drugs that are administered directly into the bladder (2).

This is great because we want a multiple approach when discussing cancer, we don’t want to rely on one form of treatment because it can be limiting.

CBD was shown to regulate and control bladder cancer cell growth, inhibit migration (how cancer spreads), as well as induce bladder cancer cell death (apoptosis) by inactivating the P13K/Akt pathway (2).

Because of this, CBD is currently being targeted for those that have many types of cancer, including bladder cancer because it was shown to cause bladder cancer cell death as well as improving the effectiveness of standard treatment (chemotherapy). The best part about CBD is that in addition to causing bladder cancer cell death, it can improve how patients feel, thus improving their quality of life. 

The study concluded that CBD may quickly become a novel reliable anticancer drug and I hope this happens sooner than later because people need something not only effective to kill cancer cells, but something that is safe! This was published in 2021, I wonder how many bladder cancer patients were told that this type of information exists? We both already know that answer...We want to limit poison in our body by using the cell protecting and anticancer properties that CBD has to offer!

This is plant medicine. Now, it is our job to share this with the world and I will spend my life doing so to help those in need.

Be well,

Brandon Farless



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