Broccoli and Cannabis?!?

Broccoli and Cannabis?!?
What does broccoli have to do with cannabis?

After our last post with mangos, we thought we could turn up the green if you know what I mean…
What would happen if you ate broccoli before smoking a strain that is known to offer pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties? Broccoli has a high amount of beta-caryophyllene (also a cannabinoid), which attaches to CB2 receptors just like the cannabinoids in cannabis, in this case hemp flower (Gertsch, et al., 2008). Beta-caryophyllene helps combat pain and inflammation on its own and when it is teamed up with cannabinoids in cannabis, they work together to create a synergistic effect, which amplifies each one’s ability to reduce pain and inflammation than if they were consumed separately (Gertsch, et al., 2008). We can take food and cannabis to the next level and manipulate our receptors to get the best benefits! I mean who doesn’t like cannabis and food?!
Broccoli has more amazing benefits when consumed. Broccoli was also shown to help protect our cells from DNA damage from oxidation, is a powerful antioxidant, has anticancer & antiviral properties, was shown to improve cardiovascular health, and offer liver & renal protection (Liu, 2018).

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